Insight was born out of a necessity to share music with people.

When I discover new music that I’ve never heard before, it gives me a great feeling inside. My goal, is to give other people that feeling. To excite them about new music, and help them find their new favourite artists, genres, tracks, remixes and so on.

Started back in 2010, the show has been running regularly since, and has been home to many “first plays” as well as featuring artists long before they break through.

See a list of all the artists ever featured on Insight Podcast here.

Submit your music

You are welcome to submit your own tracks, whether it’s an unreleased dub, a pre-release promo or just a selection of your stuff that you think I’d like.

First, please read howtosendmemusic.com and then you can email me at alex [at] insightpodcast.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.