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100. 09 March 2014





Our hundredth podcast! A definite milestone. For this one, I had the usual mix of ten tracks, and then provided a mix of my 30 favourite tracks from the last 99 episodes, with a little commentary on why I liked them so much. Thank you for listening.


  1. Ben Sun with Mic Newman – Fall Upon You [Love Fever]
  2. Admin – West Country Girl [Futureboogie]
  3. Tapesh & Dayne S – How I Do [Smiley Fingers]
  4. Piri Piri – Quest [Silverback]
  5. Guised – Doubt [unreleased]
  6. Moody Good ft. Ruby Lee Ryder – Raindrops [MTA]
  7. DNKL – Battles [soundcloud]
  8. Geode – Amber [Deep Heads]
  9. Crush Effect – Catch You [Ineffable]
  10. Handsome Head – Rebels Of The Neon God [Fifth Wall]
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