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101. 03 May 2014



The first of the Insight radio shows, recorded live on 3rd May at Riga Radio, here in Latvia. Features a range of new tracks I’ve been desperate to showcase for weeks now!


  1. Tonik – Snapshot 2 [self released]
  2. Galimatias & Joppe – One Step Back (Instrumental) [soundcloud]
  3. Disclosure & Friend Within – The Mechanism [PMR]
  4. Shur-I-Kan – Won’t Love, Can’t Love [Lazy Days]
  5. Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp (Lord Of The Isles Remix) [Because Music]
  6. Lune – Falling (Mao Remix) [Refune]
  7. Rob Clouth – Clockwork Atom [Leisure System]
  8. Titeknots – Bad Guys Won [Tru Thoughts]
  9. Son Of Sound – Kool Kontrol [District 30]
  10. Akin & Sieren – Untitled [unreleased]
  11. Hatti Vatti & Cian Finn – Education [Moonshine]


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