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108. 08 September 2014





At the weekend we had a party at the radio station, so instead of recording Insight live, I did a bit of a DJ set with Kaspar. As a result, I recorded Insight at home today for you.


  1. Dullatron – Cat Scan [Mean Seeds]
  2. Seb Wildblood – Warm [Church]
  3. Midnight Mass – Waiting [Panther]
  4. Statek – Evolver [Ten Eight Seven]
  5. Patrick Zigon – Ich See [Biotop]
  6. Bakradze – The Silence Between Me And You… [The Crescent]
  7. Redlight feat Lolo – Cure Me (Actress Brown Weed Remix) [Polydor]
  8. Quentin Haitus – Hear Me [Free Love Digi]
  9. Chrome Sparks – Marijuana [self released]
  10. Blu Mar Ten – Hunter (Conduct Remix) [Blu Mar Ten]


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