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114. 15 December 2014



Approaching Christmas we take some deepness, some house and downtempo and mix in a couple of faster finishers. All the usual quality you should have come to expect from Insight!


  1. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Stay In The Present [Bedrock]
  2. DNKL – Wolfhour [Sugarcane]
  3. Brassica – Psychic Heartburn [Civil Music]
  4. Kalos – Appearance Of Freedom [Eklero]
  5. Max Cooper – Origins [FIELDS]
  6. Corticyte – Signal To Noise [Unconditional Music]
  7. Kairos 4tet – Narrowboat Man (Duologue Remix) [soundcloud]
  8. Matthias Springer – Cosmic Bubbles (Selfreflective Edit) [Diametral]
  9. Muted – Special Place (M-Band Remix) [Raftonar]
  10. Kontext – Garlic Bubblegum [Absys]
  11. Plato & Imo – Balance [Elastika]
  12. Kimyan Law – Vita [Blu Mar Ten]


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