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124. 22 May 2015





From the chilled cover of The Mammas And The Papas, right through to a D&B re-work of Fono’s Real Joy, there’s a stack of tracks for all shapes and sizes here. Deep dub-techno, super smooth house, bass-weight, dubstep, dub, soul and more. Get involved.


  1. Robot Koch & Delhia De Frence – California Dreamin’ [Trees & Cyborgs]
  2. Darius – Helios (Pomo Remix Ft. Tennyson) [Roche Musique]
  3. Cora Nova – Golden Apples feat. Sam Tucker (The Sight Below Remix) [Seeking The Velvet]
  4. Electric Wire Hustle – If These Are The Last Days (Eliphino Remix) [Somethink Sounds]
  5. Dorian Concept – Ann River, MN (Bibio Remix) [Ninja Tune]
  6. Anton Zap – Pauspapier [Apollo]
  7. Get Serious & Federico Alfieri – Aire [I’m In Love Records]
  8. Klient – Generator [Tesselate]
  9. Fono – Real Joy [Relentless]
  10. Egoless – Dub Dedication [Lion Charge Records vinyl only]
  11. Clearlight – Rooted Dub [soundcloud]
  12. JME – Pulse 8 [Boy Better Know]
  13. Dyl & Diphasic – Glaciers (Owl Remix) [soundcloud]
  14. Fono – Real Joy (TC Bootleg Mix) [Relentless]
  15. Public Service Broadcasting – Go (Louis La Roche Remix) [Test Card Recordings]


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