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125. 31 May 2015



From mega-deep dub techno on Deeptakt, to house from Outboxx, bass from Fake Blood and drum & bass from a handful of producers – this is your typical Insight, with new tracks galore. Deep electronic music at its best.


  1. Sunset Graves – Can’t Deal [3rd & Debut]
  2. Kimyan Law – Chai [Blu Mar Ten]
  3. Bjorn Rohde – Save The Earth [Deeptakt]
  4. Outboxx – Gift Of Life [Futureboogie]
  5. Palace – NRG [Hot Haus]
  6. Fake Blood – Hornets (Benton Remix) [Food Music]
  7. Duct – Love Without Forgiveness (Sieren Remix) [Shades]
  8. Erykah Badu – Bag Lady (Zach Witness Remix)
  9. Break – You Don’t Know [Symmetry]
  10. Clearlight – Blotter [soundcloud]
  11. Dexta – Minirave (James Bless RIP)
  12. Mako – All We Can Do [Warm Communications]
  13. Marginal – What Happens Next [Dubkraft]
  14. Survey – Pressure [Translation]
  15. Fre4knc – Sinjek [Plasma]


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Whatever gets played on this podcast definitely matches my taste! Made a lot of favourites thanks to Stillhead’s work on Insight and his steady quality of selections.

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