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127. 05 July 2015





From super-chilled hip hop from A2, to Deep dubstep, smooth house and everything in between. Starting and finishing with tracks called Gold. One for the summery evenings this.


  1. A2 – Gold [soundcloud]
  2. Kuba – A Picture Of My House [self released]
  3. HVOB – Clap Eyes [Stil Vor Talent]
  4. Dexter Dextrous and the Fingersmiths – Paranoia (A. Ashdown Remix) [Surely Bassey]
  5. Laur – Crewners [Permanent Vacation]
  6. Leif – My Heart Stopped Beating [Idle Hands]
  7. TeeFreqs – Up Mah Gee
  8. Author – Jah Live (J. Robinson’s Lion Heart Version) [soundcloud]
  9. Clearlight – Jata [Subaltern]
  10. Joergmueller – Drop That Stone (Adam Kroll Edit) [soundcloud]
  11. Salute – Thunder Shorts [free download]
  12. Meeke – Gold (feat Urias) [Loodma]


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