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129. 24 July 2015



Starting with some hip hop cuts from Soundcloud, followed by some house and deep techno, broken beat, bass and finishing with some footwork and drum & bass. A good range of sounds for everyone today!


  1. OZ – OBE [soundcloud]
  2. TreyDon x Spartan [soundcloud]
  3. Troy Gunner – Red Wine Lips [Losing Suki]
  4. Rektchordz – Roar [Vicious]
  5. HVOB – Attention
  6. Menik & Arkist – Lift (Menik Slow Jam Edit)
  7. Jacob 2-2 – The Richardson [King Deluxe]
  8. Tsunga – Maris Piper [Black Acre]
  9. Phased Entity meets Echo Wanderer – Vibrate VSOP [PDXINDUB]
  10. Black Art Circus – Phantom Eels (Black Art Circus Electric Eel Mix) [Specimen]
  11. BSN Posse – Never Never (A.Fruit Remix) [soundcloud]
  12. Morphy – Dusty Stylus (Fade Remix) [soundcloud]


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