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133. 30 September 2015





Very much an more experimental selection of tracks this week – from the sound design of Playmodes, to the off-kilter DnB/bass remix by Toddla T and everything in between.


  1. Playmodes – Porta Estel-lar
  2. Noel Gallacher’s High Flying Birds – The Right Stuff (3D Remix Version 1) [Ignition]
  3. Rob Clouth – The Galaxy Collapsed Into A Point [Leisure System]
  4. Aaron London – In The Cut feat. Masego [white label]
  5. Landside – Silence Before The Storm [Just This]
  6. Goldlink – Dance On Me (Geotheory Remix) [soundcloud]
  7. Billie Black – This Simple Pleasure (produced by Mura Masa)
  8. Elliot Sumner – Firewood (Lakker Remix) [Island]
  9. Foodoo – Yours feat. Melisa Whiskey [Other Way]
  10. Medz – Love On Loop feat Anna Coddington (Sachi Remix) [Vicious]
  11. Minor Rain – Yellow Trip [Loodma]
  12. The Frightnrs – Admiration Cadenza (Toddla T Remix) [The Full Hundred]


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