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138. 15 January 2016



I’m back, after the festive break – and we’ve got an hour and forty minutes of deep and dub-influenced beats from hip hop, through dub-techno, techno and bass to dubstep and drum & bass!


  1. DJ Mitsu The Beats – Cultivate
  2. KRTS – In Your Head [Project Mooncircle]
  3. DJ Mitsu The Beats – Instinctive
  4. Markee Ledge – Stuck feat. Ayls Be (Markee Ledge & Komon Mix) [Kosheen]
  5. Volunteer – Harmonizer [Dimbideep]
  6. El Choop – Conclusion Dub [Datenbits]
  7. Fortunate War – Fuchsia [Blah Blah Blah]
  8. Kommune1 – Axiom (Effy Remix) [Infinite Machine]
  9. Wintermute – RWD [Boundless Beatz]
  10. Daniel Bortz – Hide From The Sun
  11. Markee Ledge – Make Your Move feat. Ayls Be [Kosheen]
  12. Menik – Paradise feat. Lylli [Loodma]
  13. Nocturnal Sunshine – Hotel [i-am-me]
  14. Ahadadream – Pray For You feat. Olivia Louise & Scrufizzer (Murder He Wrote Remix)
  15. Kayloo – Slow-mo [soundcloud]
  16. Egoless – Super Echo [Scrub-a-dub]
  17. Akuratyde – Lights In My Eyes [Blu Mar Ten]
  18. Queensway – Be The Love [Syncopix]
  19. Monika – Observatory [Ingredients]
  20. Dyl and Paragon – Abraxas [Translation]
  21. Neuropol – Mile Out
  22. Fade – Lo-Fi [Boundless Beatz]
  23. Seba – Jungle Music [Secret Operations]
  24. Occult & Audialist – LowAir [Loodma]


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