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22. 14 August 2011



Hip hop tracks, downtempo sluggish vibes from Lapalux and a journey through techno and broken house (courtesy of two remixes from Falk artists) before ending with a bit of deep dubstep from Snoe and Readymate.


01 Hero Hero feat. Vandell Harris – Angels [unreleased]
02 Gwen Stefani – Luxurious (Lapalux’s Bootleg Remix) [soundcloud]
03 West Norwood Cassette Library – Get Lifted (Karenn Remix) [West Norwood Cassette Library]
04 Siprut – Like A Whale [unreleased]
05 Shigeru Tanabu feat. Akane Del Mar – El Camino (Paxton Fettel Neurofunk Mix) [Falk]
06 Rain Dog – One To Love [Cut]
07 Shigeru Tanabu feat. Akane Del Mar – El Camino (Henry Oakley’s Summer Fresh Mix) [Falk]
08 Arkist – Trapped In Tivoli [Deca]
09 Snoe – J [Deca]
10 Readymate – Wildflower (J-Trex Remix) [High Definition Music]


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This podcast is a collation of selected artists which does not cease to disappoint, the amount of different styles and genres is amazing. They all keep to a similar theme, they’re all brilliant. The amount of artists that I now consider the best out there that I found on here is astounding! I could not recommend it any more.

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