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23. 30 August 2011



Sadly, the mic quality on this episode is shoddy due to lack of an available mic. I was in the USA, so while travelling, resources were at a minimum. That said, I still managed to showcase some excellent music.


01 Planas – Merry Go Round [Exceptional Records]
02 Jacob 2-2 – LeVar [ISO50 Blog]
03 Eddie Bitz – Subberman (Lank Remix) [Mesmeric Records]
04 Rick Sanders – Guitar Sunset [Smiley Fingers]
05 Last Japan feat. Bobby Gordon – Settle Down (Stumbleline Remix) [Four40 Records]
06 Cload – Memory Lane [unreleased]
07 Cogidubnus & Fedbymachines – Zoetrope [unreleased]
08 Ghosts Of Paraguay – Pray [Loodma Recordings]
09 Tycho – Hours [pitchfork download]
10 Rudi Zygadlo – Variously Made Men [Pictures Music]


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