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27. 23 October 2011





More of the downtempo style stuff on this episode. Amped things up towards the end with Bunzer0, but left it on a hip hop note with the amazing Vandell Harris.


01 Aksutique – Little Rain Outside [Diametral Chill]
02 Jesse Boykins III – B4 The Night Is Thru [soundcloud]
03 B. Bravo – Swang [Earnest Endeavours]
04 Frederic Robinson – Shore [unreleased]
05 Think – I Can’t Sleep [Deca Rhythm]
06 Deam – Riot [Concrete Cut]
07 TRC – Sex [Butterz utumn zip]
08 Kaiori Breathe – Butterfly [Loodma]
09 Bunzer0 feat. Mr Jo – Cyber blues [soundcloud]
10 Vandell Harris – Black Snow [soundcloud]


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