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3. 24 October 2010



Some lesser known names in this episode, and our first taste of beats from Krts and Nocturnal Sunshine before they broke big. Some more progressive tracks towards the end.


01 Cosmic Revenge – Aftermath [unreleased]
02 Manaboo – SB Massive [Immerse]
03 Nocturnal Sunshine – Broke [LMD SkunkWorks]
04 Darien Brockington – I Need You (Krts Remix) [unreleased]
05 Lo:tek – Kir Royal [unsigned]
06 Berny – Shplatten (Evren Ulusoy’s Cherry Picking Remix) [Aenaria Tech]
07 Mudkid – Sugar Express [Greta Cottage Workshop]


Plus how many episodes they've appeared on.

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