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30. 04 December 2011



Krts is probably our most played artist on Insight! Here he is again being remixed this time, alongside some other regulars in the form of basic Audio, Darling Farah and some new signings to Cut and Mindset.


01 Krts – Hold On (Pavel Dovgal Remix) [Project Mooncircle]
02 Haitus – Third (Max Cooper Remix) [Last Night On Earth]
03 Basic Audio – The Come Up [unreleased]
04 Locked Groove – Moods [unreleased]
05 Darling Farah – Model [Civil Music]
06 Sepalcure – I’m Alright [Hotflush]
07 Troy Gunner – Heads In Hands [Mindset]
08 ID3 – Winterize [Loodma]
09 EVS – Maybe It Is [Mindtrick]
10 Existance – Miles Apart (Concepts) [Cut]


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Great selection of tracks and always consistent.

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