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32. 01 January 2012





Happy New Year. Welcome to 2012! This episode features a world exclusive from producer Blind Mice, plus some excellent new music from Basic Audio, Thefft, Makoto and Slof Man. Not to be missed.


01 Outboxx – Aporia [Idle Hands]
02 Thefft – Black Lung [unreleased]
03 FCL vs VFB – Matrix Plus [Delusions of Grandeur]
04 Oliver Santiago – Pianos Death (Gathaspar Remix) [Simposio Productions]
05 Basic Audio – Raw Deal [unreleased]
06 Nighglows – Rock U [Big Mama’s House]
07 Adem Hayward – Great Northern Hotel [unreleased]
08 Makoto – What Do You Want [7even]
09 Slof Man – Want It (VIP Mix) [Influenza Music Ltd]
10 Blind Mice – Got A Feelin’ [unreleased]


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