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33. 15 January 2012





Some more exclusives in the form of Akkord and Hatti Vatti gems in this episode. On top of that there’s plenty deep techno vibes from Dimbideep Music and Regular, plus a Little Dragon remix.


01 Wasserfall – Untitled (Greta Made Me Do It) [Greta Gottage Workshop]
02 Akkord – The Drums [AKKORD001]
03 DimbiDub – Tone 5 [Dimbideep Music]
04 Admin – Bubblebath [Hot N Heavy]
05 Nicko Vee – Queten Down [Regular]
06 Orphan101 – Itchin [Decarythm]
07 Cauto – 8 [Disboot]
08 Little Dragon – Crystalfilm (Close Remix) [soundcloud]
09 Pulsar – Stay True [Fent Plates]
10 Hatti Vatti & Reza – Deeper Than Deep [Absys]


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