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36. 26 February 2012



Feel the funk with the Darkhouse Family and B. Bravo. Take it outside with Thefft’s banger and bask in the depth of our final few as brand new producer Nickel B tops off episode 36.


01 Darkhouse Family – Like no Other feat B. Bravo [Earnest Endeavours]
02 Paul Loraine – Minor Major [Simposio]01 Darkhouse Family – Like no Other feat B. Bravo [Earnest Endeavours]
03 Thefft – Take This Outside [unreleased]
04 Rick Sanders – Vinyl Skin [Smiley Fingers]
05 DJ Fiore – You’ll Gonna Stop Me (Franky B AKA Cryptic Monkey Remix) [Freaky Vibes]
06 YosoYYo – Shadow Over The Blanket [Wireless Marionettes]
07 LOTEK & iO – Absence [unreleased]
08 Wachs Lyrical – Sessions (Instrumental VIP) [unreleased]
09 GDX – Cayta [Phlox]
10 Nickel B – Fractal Face [unreleased]


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