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43. 03 June 2012



Deep song-based tracks to start us off, a touch of cheese from ENiGMA Dubz, some solid deep tech take us to a hypnotic dub-techno slab while we amp things up to finish off with a ridiculous Machinedrum remix!


01 Ghosts Of Paraguay Feat. CoMa – Beyond Reason [Loodma]
02 Mainger – When [Haunted Audio]
03 ENiGMA Dubz Feat. Katie McLeod – Rainbow [LU10 Records]
04 Stickman – Nappy Heads [Pushing Red]
05 Illum Sphere – Never Lie Twice (Om Unit Remix) [Fat City]
06 Koloah – Strangers [unreleased]
07 Plasmic Shape – 3 [Cromosom]
08 Oceania – Mantra [7even]
09 Planet Soap – Rhynostatic [Cascade Records]
10 Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix) [Rwina]


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This podcast has a nice mixture of different genres of music and is great for chilling out. Nice beats, great selection of tracks. I personally don’t make the time to go through new releases from various labels, so to fin a podcast from a guy with impeccable taste, who does it for me, is amazing.

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