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44. 17 June 2012



From 100bpm all the way up to 170, from slow and steady deep techno from Skyence and Blatancy through a cheeky remix of Roni Size, some new material from Deca Rhythm and Hatti Vatti up to some new drum & bass from Dissident on Counter Intelligence. The weather may be terrible (Summer in Scotland is a myth!) but the music is great.


01 Skyence – Scars
02 Blatancy – Gray Scale [Toffler]
03 Darko Kustura – The Sky Turned Away [Cambrian Line]
04 Dissident – Release Me From Space (Estroe’s Relieve Remix) [Counter Intelligence]
05 WOLS – Nassko [FUSElab]
06 Kamikaze Space Programme – Anvil [Deca Rhythm]
07 Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing (Chicky Boom 2-step Remix) [soundcloud]
08 Ex Nihilo – Synthetic (dub) [unreleased]
09 Fidser – Activate (Hatti Vatti Remix) [Concrete Cut]
10 Dissident – Levitation Flight [Counter Intelligence]


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