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51. 09 September 2012



We’ve broken the back of it now! In to the second half of our first hundred episodes. A new jingle to celebrate, and some gorgeous new deep and dubby techno sounds.


01 Blue Fields – Why Continue The Lie [Haunt Music, DE]
02 Contemporary Vision & Josh Dean – Phase [Contemporary Vision]
03 Pake – 2am [Fwddub]
04 Matthias Vogt – It’s Alright [Danza Macabra]
05 Tanka – Make Some Music (Echologist Filthy Reshape) [Inhale]
06 Yoshihiro Arikawa – Spark [Affin]
07 Matthias Springer – Slight Waves [Energie]
08 Vlad Onu – Night Flight [unreleased]
09 Mak – About You [Embassy]
10 Lakosa – Nubian Minds [Shifting Peaks]


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