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61. 29 November 2012



A very late podcast this week – been delayed by some days, but still managed to bring forward a good selection of tracks from Delete’s new album, through dub-techno to a bit of deep 140 business and some minimal DnB to finish off.


01 Delete – 1937 [Mindtrick]
02 Sarp Yilmaz – Blue [Tablon]
03 Am.Light – 167 [Adapt]
04 Indigo – Sunrise [Apollo]
05 The Digital Kid vs The World – Total Control (Chicago Damn Remix) [Classic]
06 Neil Landstrumm – Super Mousse (Is On The Loose) [Sneaker Social Club]
07 Eleven8 – I Fell In To A Memory [Crescent]
08 Merther – Journeyman [Mud Collective]
09 Neil Landstrumm – 315 [Sneaker Social Club]
10 Biome – Conscience [Mindset]


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