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66. 27 January 2013



This month’s Insight has 34 tracks to showcase, and clocks in at over an hour and a half! After a haitus of a few weeks, it’s time to showcase January’s best and more. Let’s start 2013 in style!


01 Skyence – Pain Call (Hecq’s Weary Heart Remix) [Edged]
02 Duff Disco – You Wish [soundcloud]
03 Alphabets Heaven – Ivory Heart [King Deluxe]
04 FaltyDL – She Sleeps [NinjaTune]
05 Pev & Kowton – Raw Code [Hessle Audio]
06 Wolf Cub – Love High [Transmission Audio]
07 Orlogin – Time To Forget [soundcloud]
08 C.R.S.T. – Monster Munch [Local Talk]
09 Milo Mills – Let Me Go [soundcloud]
10 Rick Sanders – Turn It Up [Smiley Fingers]
11 Sieren – One Of [unsigned]
12 Leon Vynehall – Rosalind [Well Rounded Housing Project]
13 Sieren – Rebound [self released]
14 Grown Folk – Keep Few Near (Ghosts On Tape Remix) [Icee Hot]
15 Daughter – Youth (Sieren DJ Edit) [soundcloud]
16 Kai Von Glasgow – Solid Angle [Visky]
17 Leibniz – Allee [Fairplay]
18 Myztical – Rage [Nicz]
19 Squarehead & Mella Dee – Get Together [Wolf Music]
20 Stefano Infusino – Object Exe (Alpha Edit) [Cromosom]
21 Lo Shea – Underwater Rhythm [Seaghdha]
22 Remote – Extraball [Zone]
23 James Cook – Half As Well [Gretta Cottage Workshop]
24 Occult – Loose Change [Smokin’ Sessions]
25 ANS – Sunshine FX [Krmelec]
26 Majora – Shook [Tumble Audio]
27 Pink Floyd – Marooned (ENiGMA Dubz Remix) [soundcloud]
28 Perverse – Somber [Echolocation]
29 ENiGMA Dubz – You [soundcloud]
30 TeeFreqs – Redfern [Deep Heads]
31 I Killed Kenny – Crux feat Slick Don [Four40]
32 Calyx & Teebee Feat Kemo – 90s (Original Version) [dub]
33 Chris Paul – In The Sunshine [soundcloud]
34 Nature Rage – Games [Translation]


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Whatever gets played on this podcast definitely matches my taste! Made a lot of favourites thanks to Stillhead’s work on Insight and his steady quality of selections.

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