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7. 02 January 2011



Welcome to 2011. Krts starts us off with some smooth beats, the King Deluxe label provides further hip hop styles then the Subreachers, Rooflight, KillaHurtz and more take things in a dubstep direction.


01 Krts – Mistletoe []
02 Fancy Mike – Cartoon Pornography feat DAM!BEER [King Deluxe]
03 Subreachers – Lost In A Moment [unreleased]
04 Rooflight – Rum And Coke [unreleased]
05 KillaHurtz – Wanna Be Free [unreleased]
06 SubShot – Tunnel Vision [Abaga Records]
07 Wachs Lyrical – Elemental Algorithm [Subdepth Records]


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