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73. 10 May 2013





Twenty excellent tracks this week from super deep and chilled to deep house and techno with some chilled 140 thrown in towards the end. Enjoy.


01 Lulu Rouge – The Song is In The Drum [Lulu Rouge Recordings]
02 Tree Bosier – Bubikopf Girl [Loodma]
03 Tuesday Born – Drop The Clouds [Audio Doughnuts]
04 Matthias Springer – Natural Instinct (Aksutique feat Dmitriy Samoylenko Jazz Dub) [Wohzimmermusik]
05 Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal
06 Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing Remix)
07 Marcin Czubala – Immediately Above [Your Mama’s Friend]
08 Duff Disco – You Shoulda Known [Duff Disco]
09 Closer – What Have You Done [CLSR]
10 Hatti Vatti – Algebra #1 [Nove Nagrania]
11 iO Sounds – You Me (Forget Me Not Remix) [Diamond & Raw]
12 Graze – The Sust [New Kanada]
13 Melja – B [Hot n Heavy]
14 Kouo – Pacific [XVI]
15 Unique 3 – On The Wire (Anti-Slam & WEAPON Remix) [Rocstar]
16 Sebmann – Untitled
17 Great Skies – Intimacy (feat Nori) [unreleased]
18 Geode feat Earl T & C Tivey – Ode [Smokin Sessions]
19 Audialist – Serpent [Deep Heads]
20 Kaiori Breathe – Kokoro [Loodma]


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