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89. 22 December 2013



Last episode before Christmas and our penultimate episode of 2013. More of the same awesome music, and a nice range of sounds this week.


01 Mindex feat Tetsuroh Konishi – Softer Than Delicate [Loodma]
02 Julien Miller – Je t’ecoute (Alphabets Heaven Remix) [King Deluxe]
03 Bleeker – Ram [Hang Music]
04 Mindex feat Tetsuroh Konishi – Turquoise Dream [Loodma]
05 Cropper – Forever (Club Mix) [Blah Blah Blah]
06 Komon – So Easy [Apple Pips]
07 Jess Crabbe – The Big Booya (Kodiak Remix) [Hot Haus]
08 Ragz Nordset – New August (Ghostchant Remix) [NuNorthern Soul]
09 Acid Lab – Stainless [Faded]
10 Loomis & Jones – Shoot The Breeze [Loomis & Jones Recordings]


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