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93. 19 January 2014





Supporting more local talent with 2 tracks from the latest Dirty Deal Audio compilation, plus some international talent, drum & bass remixes and more!


  1. Ģirts Reiniks – Hundred [Dirty Deal Audio]
  2. Urulu – Rest [Manucci’s Mistress]
  3. Drew Hill – Solitude (Cloud Boat Remix) [Born Electric]
  4. Gab Rhome – A Really Shady Place [Last Night on Earth]
  5. TeeFreqs – Loose Control [Deep Heads]
  6. Volor Flex & Encode – Unbone [Dark Clover]
  7. Ashnikko x Adelly x Oriole – Flowergurl [Dirty Deal Audio]
  8. Lenkemz – Polo Tee ft P Solja [Slit Jockey]
  9. Archie Pelago – Saturn V [Archie Pelago]
  10. Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Glen E.Ston Remix) [soundcloud]


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