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150. 17 June 2017


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


We’ve reached 150 episodes, and to celebrate I’m bringing you 2 hours of drum & bass. From deep and introspective, to big and bouncy.


  1. Alan Johnson – The Poet [Ten Eight Seven]
  2. Dead Man’s Chest – Tears (Fantazia Version) [Recipe]
  3. Dead Man’s Chest – Throwing Shades
  4. Mad Zach – Blood March
  5. Itoa – Strange Attractor (Sully Remix)
  6. Sinistarr – The Other Tune
  7. Shield – Home Alone [soundcloud]
  8. Cid Poitier – Hear Dis (The Untouchables Remix) [Translation]
  9. Indifferent – Losing My Focus [Free Love Digi]
  10. Onism Qi – Patroller
  11. Neurosplit – Eride
  12. Imanzi – Ragga [Skalator]
  13. DJ Trax – Send Me Back [Tempo]
  14. Sheid – Horromovie [soundcloud]
  15. Silent Dust – My Only Option (feat. SelfSays) (Naibu Remix)
  16. Loomis – Small Shadows (feat. The Anahit)
  17. Tim Reaper – All Right [Blu Mar Ten]
  18. Joakuim – Way Back Home [Sable Noir]
  19. Magari’s Kid – Init 1 [Cosmic Bridge]
  20. Mala – Changes (SubMarine Bootleg) [soundcloud]
  21. Max Cooper – Trust (Kimyan Law Remix)
  22. Invadhertz – Let Me Fall [Absys]
  23. Alek SLK – Cycles
  24. Ethik and Dottor Poison – 81 94 FX (Kodin and Logics Remix)
  25. Andyskopes – Who Are You [inperspective]
  26. D-Legal – Access Denied
  27. Filip Motovunski – Lava
  28. Amy Steele – Graces (Icicle Remix) [CTMG]
  29. Neva Faded – Distressed Call
  30. Changing Faces – Dusk
  31. Promenade – Back In The Day [BNC Express]
  32. Sieren – Relicts [Apollo]


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This podcast is a collation of selected artists which does not cease to disappoint, the amount of different styles and genres is amazing. They all keep to a similar theme, they’re all brilliant. The amount of artists that I now consider the best out there that I found on here is astounding! I could not recommend it any more.

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