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151. 02 July 2017


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


It’s all about house this episode, with a bit of funky broken stuff to start with. Over an hour of the best new electronic deepness!


  1. Nina Dioz – NUBES (feat. Shigeto)
  2. Sivey – Moving On (feat. Emmavie)
  3. Skwirl – Attache Case
  4. Sarathay Korwar – Mawra (Transcendence) (Eminative Remix)
  5. Marcel Lune – Equations [Studio Rockers]
  6. Maribou State – November Nights [Counter]
  7. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Josef K’s Sunshine Edit) [soundcloud]
  8. Jona Sul – South Zone (Bewilderbeast Remix)
  9. Maya Jane Coles – Won’t Let You Down [I-Am-Me Skint]
  10. Laroze – Loin Des Yeux (Andres Remix)
  11. Space Dimension Controller – Exostack (Kornel Kovacs Remix) [R&S]
  12. Harri Baldi – G+T+F [We Play House]
  13. Russ Chimes – Drift (feat. Iris Gold) [Uno Mas]
  14. Cliff Lothar – E-String (DJ Boneyard Remix)
  15. Marquis Hawkes – Towerblock Boogie [AUS]
  16. Hugo Massien – No Return [E-Beamz]
  17. DEVI – Next To Me (feat. YAS) [Illusiv]


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This podcast is a collation of selected artists which does not cease to disappoint, the amount of different styles and genres is amazing. They all keep to a similar theme, they’re all brilliant. The amount of artists that I now consider the best out there that I found on here is astounding! I could not recommend it any more.

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