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152. 23 July 2017


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


Deep and dubby this episode. Think dub, dub-techno and some experimental thrown in.


  1. Abstraxion – Spazieren (INIT Remix) [Biologic Records]
  2. The Hermit – Sky – Apogryphen [Broque]
  3. Paul Valentin – Inner Harm (feat. Search Yiu) [Dark Matters]
  4. Subset – Subset Meets Nelabel Day 2016 at The Dub Factory – NLD2016 Side D
  5. Laktic – Sirius [Apnea]
  6. Whitesquare – Tresspass (Droog (LA) Remix) [Lyase]
  7. Caldera – Techno 2L [WNCL]
  8. Tears Of Change – Figure (Hatti Vatti Rework) [Rohs]
  9. Michele Mininni – Rave Oscillations [R&S]
  10. Silas & Snare – Organic Textures [Brotherhood Sound System]
  11. Santa Muerte – Void (feat. WWWINGS) [Infinite Machine]
  12. Struction – Ai [R&S]
  13. Babe Roots – Bless Dub [Rohs]
  14. Demure – Running On The Moon [Dank n Dirty Dubz]
  15. Subset – Subset Meets Nelabel Day 2016 at The Dub Factory – NLD2016 Side B
  16. Grandbrothers – Prologue (Djrum Remix) [FILM]


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This podcast is a collation of selected artists which does not cease to disappoint, the amount of different styles and genres is amazing. They all keep to a similar theme, they’re all brilliant. The amount of artists that I now consider the best out there that I found on here is astounding! I could not recommend it any more.

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