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155. 19 November 2017


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.





This week we’re all about the hip hop, downtempo and trip hop vibes. Bit of jazzy stuff, bit of deep chill stuff and a nice eclectic mix of tracks.

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  1. Fingalick – Warfare [Hyperboloid]
  2. 30/70 – Takin’ Me Back [Rhythm Section]
  3. Annabel (lee) – Autumn Requiem [Youngbloods]
  4. Krakaur – Neighbor (feat. ANxVE) [Youngbloods]
  5. Ash Walker – The Proffessor [soundcloud]
  6. Big Wave – Focus [soundcloud]
  7. Vanilla – Forgettin’ [bandcamp]
  8. Colm K – Water [All City]
  9. Jaël – Indian Flute
  10. Feiertag – Uncanny Valley
  11. True Sight – Cosmic Quest M1 [soundcloud]
  12. DC Salas – Cala Falco (Le Motel Remix)
  13. Joe Cleen – Care While It Lasts (YGT Remix)
  14. Preslav – Morning [Omena]
  15. Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band – Wasso (Mr. Boom Broken Mix) [Mawimbi]
  16. Jaël – Need Or Needed Me
  17. RKM – Chemicals (feat. Stahl) [soundcloud]
  18. Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Jaël’s Jakarta Remix)
  19. Bunny On Acid – What Colours Are [Studio Rockers]


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