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157. 29 December 2017


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


It’s the festive special, with over 2 HOURS of music for you – house and techno, deep drum & bass, ambient, experimental and more. All the loveliness you’ve come to expect plus me, Stillhead with a bit of a cold!


  1. Rhye – Taste (IRONIXX Chill Bootleg) [soundcloud]
  2. Shura – Touch (Sorrow Remix)
  3. J Morrison – Tunnel Vision (feat. Jack Baldus)
  4. Phrij – Palindrome [CDR]
  5. Goshawk – I Live For The Love You Give
  6. Rhode & Brown – Mary’s Tool [Toytonics]
  7. ID3 – DMT (feat. La Meduza) [Loodma]
  8. Felipe Gordon – Rinogal [Toytonics]
  9. Max Cooper – Stacked Moments
  10. Max Cavalerra – Transversal [Broque]
  11. Koelle – Fears And Light
  12. Oxia – Domino (Robag Wruhme Lasika Cafe Nb) [Sapiens]
  13. Iron Curtis – Well Well Well More Lights
  14. Bering Strait – Torches
  15. Sqz Me – Keep On Rockin’ (Pixelord Remix) [soundcloud]
  16. Oli Furness – Pitch Box (DJ Swagger Remix)
  17. Deep Shoq – Thalassa [Black Marble Collective]
  18. Sieren – Lost You (feat. Synkro)
  19. Jono McCleery – Ingenue (Synkro Remix)
  20. Quentin Haitus – Flutterstep [Translation]
  21. Subreachers – Aerolite [soundcloud]
  22. Lewis James – Your Love Is A Power (feat. DanDansK) [Astrophonica]
  23. Earl Grey – Dega and Papi [Inperspective]
  24. Conduct – Beta’s Error [Blu Mar Ten]
  25. Fybe:One – New Soul Music (feat. Sense MC) [Different]


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Whatever gets played on this podcast definitely matches my taste! Made a lot of favourites thanks to Stillhead’s work on Insight and his steady quality of selections.

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