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158. 26 January 2018


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


Almost 3 hours of music this episode, from deep dub techno like Fluxion through breaksy broken house and bass music to deep drum & bass and beyond. It’s 2018. I’m back, and it’s bigger than ever… Ever… Ever… Ever… Ever… ever… ever… etc.


  1. Cranker R – Y3
  2. Lucky Sun – I Wanna Live (feat. Debris)
  3. Dino Lenny – Chained To A Ladder (Silicone Soul’s Self Destruction Blues)
  4. Albrecht La’Brooy – View From The Peak [Apollo]
  5. Troy Gunner – Esperanza [Gunner]
  6. Amadou Balake – Massa Kamba (Ben Gomori’s Massabbatical Edit) [Strens Edits]
  7. Al Bradley – Midnight Shakedown [Midnight Social]
  8. Fluxion – Flick [Echocord]
  9. Christian Tiger School – If You Want To
  10. Masis – Alla Dem Dub [Dub Communication]
  11. Cassius Select – Essence [Ten Eight Seven]
  12. Subjective – Inkolelo
  13. Holodec – Shots Out
  14. Zodiac Childs – Diviner [Zodiac Wax]
  15. SNØW – Catch The Spirit
  16. Low End Activist – Park End (feat. Trim)
  17. RAAM – 7 (Skudge Remix) [RAAM]
  18. Chimpo – DidDieDoDat (Ghost Remix)
  19. Opus – Mass [Jelly Bean Farm]
  20. Warsnare – Life Life (feat. Vienna Shilling) [Infinite Machine]
  21. Tessela – Hackney Parrot (10 Ton Remix)
  22. Textasy – Blow Your Head
  23. Promontorian – ASU
  24. Jakwob – Ghost Optics
  25. Night Dives – Crib Point [Infinite Machine]
  26. Djrum – Showreel Pt 2
  27. Geotheory – Flip This Shit… I Dare You [soundcloud]
  28. Mac-V – Junglistic Matter
  29. Eusebeia – Prospect [Mindtrick]
  30. Rainforest – Sound Tribe [Absys]
  31. Need For Mirrors – Push (feat. Onallee)
  32. Onism Qi – Ice Funk [Free Love Digi]
  33. Lewis James – Shapeshifter [Astrophonica]
  34. Meliniki – Unorthodox (feat. MC Ozone) [AR]
  35. Pluton & Skyer – Lead Me On (feat. Grimm) [Absys]


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