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176. 21 October 2019


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


A drum & bass filled monster episode this time with stacks of new and forthcoming future beats around 170bpm. Also, this should be the last podcast before we introduce guest mixes! More info on the podcast for those interested.


  1. Om Unit and Synkro – Reflections
  2. Hugh Hardie – Evening Red [Hospital]
  3. Lewis James – Response
  4. Lucinate – Question The Answer
  5. Stones Taro – Full Train
  6. Luke Fono – Our Odyssey (WDDS Remix)
  7. Om Unit and Djrum – Ruins
  8. Safire and Zed Bias – Set The Bar (feat. DRS) [Plasma Audio]
  9. Fluidity – You Know
  10. Hugh Hardie – Cold Touch [Hospital]
  11. Makoto – The Encounter (feat. Bop)
  12. Alx – Babylon Man [Skalator]
  13. The Pioneers – Long Shot Kick de Bucket (Reggae Roast x The Nextmen Remix)
  14. Soundbwoy Killah – All Night Long
  15. Philip D Kick – Bleach [Astrophonica]
  16. Ungerade – Higher
  17. Es.tereo – Ancestral Path [Cosmic Bridge]
  18. Wagz – Hyena
  19. Mahakala – Tomahawk
  20. Indifferent – Qwerky And The Tramp
  21. Quentin Haitus – Solve My Problems Damnit
  22. Whiney – Breadcrumbs (feat. Bop)
  23. Unglued and Phace – Malware
  24. UK Apache and Shy FX – Original Nuttah 25 (Original Mix Remastered) [cult.ure]


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