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180. 14 February 2020


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


This time round we have an amazing mix from one of my favourite producers right now.

He is a German producer who has been creating music for over 11 years at least and his work has traversed the genres from a backdrop of hip hop, through bass and electronica, dubstep and drum & bass. His work is always deep, calculated and incredibly well executed.

He has released on Modularfield, Equinox, Stoke Audio and DubKraft as well as self-released at least a couple of things. He’s worked with Hecq, Panic Girl, Don Goliath, Triberg and loads more.

His real name is Jochen Mader and he produces under the alias Skyence.

He has put together a super nice mix which features his own work alongside stuff from Lewis James, Throwing Snow, Max Cooper and more, and it’s an absolute pleasure to have him feature on our one hundred and eightieth show!

You’ll hear a brand new glimpse of music from him in the mix – the track called Hot Drops featuring Polarity – which is upcoming. He’s also working on finishing his next album, for which he’s currently planning to record a strong quartet for. That should surface this year with any luck.

If you need more information, you can find him at and if you’d like to say hello, he also helps run the Modularfield Discord server.


  1. Masomenos – Time
  2. Mr. Roque – That Way
  3. Madikma – Dark Sky
    == Skyence mix starts ==
  4. Bovaflux – Simple Times [Mindcolormusic]
  5. Rhi – Plain Jane [Neons Publishing]
  6. Modeselektor feat. FLOHIO – Wealth [Monkeytown]
  7. Taprikk Sweezee – Thingsallup [Good Price Rec]
  8. Skyence feat. Polarity – Hot Drops [forthcoming]
  9. Throwing Snow – Nought To Gain [Houndstooth]
  10. Lewis James feat. Lorn – No Team [Exit]
  11. Robot Koch – Psychic [Trees And Cyborgs]
  12. Surkid – Pyramid [Modularfield]
  13. Max Cooper – Penrose Tiling [Mesh]
  14. HHNOI – They Ate The Clouds [Modularfield]
  15. Kuedo feat. Hayden Thorpe – In Your Sleep [Planet Mu]
    == Mix ends ==
  16. Mike Schommer Feat. Milly James – Cut You Down [Greyscale]
  17. Francois X – Blurry Youth (Bjarki Reshape)


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