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195. 04 December 2020


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


Drum & Bass, 170, Jungle, whatever you want to call it – it’s all I’m playing this episode, and I have some amazing tracks for you. Minimal talking over the top too – so you can just enjoy the mix!


  1. Wardown – The Flower Gardens
  2. Bop x Subwave x Degs – The Shade
  3. Tellus – No Pride (feat. Quails)
  4. Unquote – Need U Now
  5. Eusebeia – Remind
  6. Akuratyde – Into The Sea (Kharm Remix)
  7. Blacklab – Unreal
  8. Ncomfortable – One Foot Skank
  9. Ink x Loomis – Athena
  10. Loomis – Cognition
  11. Kamandi – Scene Kid Destroya
  12. RQ – New Earth
  13. Sully – Werk
  14. dEVOLVE x Breikthru – Deep In My Heart (feat. Saint Wade) (Danny Byrd Instrumental)
  15. Unglued – Pigeon Funk
  16. Tim Reaper – Make It Real


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Stillhead spends hours combing through the vast spaces of new music to bring us frequent new podcasts from the underground. With minimal interruption -just like his music- the vaccum provides space with which to appreciate the efforts of all the artists he’s featured. While the program is geared toward enthusiasts there is something here for many different listeners. Give it a listen.

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