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200. 13 February 2021


Note: Spotify playlists will not contain all the tracks from the show because many tracks in the show are unreleased, pre-release or unavailable on Spotify.


Our final Insight Podcast, this one is a rather self-indulgent look back at my production history, from my early days making mashups, through the DFRNT productions that you might not have heard, as well as other tracks which were never released or went under the radar, right up to what you know now as Stillhead tracks.

Thanks to all who have listened to the podcast, and here’s to some new formats in the future!

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  1. Alex C – 42 Tracks in 11 Minutes
  2. Alex C – Count It Out
  3. Shifting Shadows
  4. Experitronica – Air Port
  5. Foremost – This Is The Story (Demo Cut)
  6. Wu-Tang Clan – Pinky Ring (Alex’s Goldfinger Mix)
  7. Alex C – Second Connections
  8. Dead Prez – Hip Hop (DFRNT Dubmix)
  9. DFRNT – Dark City (DFRNT Alternate Drop Edit)
  10. Absorb vs Sequel – Play The Game (DFRNT Remix)
  11. Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Unknown Origin Remix)
  12. Steve Foulds – Gentle Seduction (DFRNT Remix)
  13. Phokus – Untitled (DFRNT Remix)
  14. Delete – Remember Us (DFRNT Remix)
  15. Bambi – All Along (DFRNT Remix)
  16. LOVATS – Over (DFRNT Remix)
  17. Submotion Orchestra – Hymn For Him (DFRNT Remix)
  18. MAKO & DFRNT – Click
  19. Quantec – On The Hook (DFRNT Remix)
  20. Stillhead – Drekavac
  21. Stillhead – Greenland
  22. Linney – That Night (Stillhead Remix)
  23. Machinedrum – Take Flight (Stillhead’s Hero Hero Remix)
  24. Hero Hero – Tour De France (A Krafty Werk)
  25. Stillhead – Amusia


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This podcast has a nice mixture of different genres of music and is great for chilling out. Nice beats, great selection of tracks. I personally don’t make the time to go through new releases from various labels, so to fin a podcast from a guy with impeccable taste, who does it for me, is amazing.

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