74. Will Their Death Release Me?

This week our listener asks whether she won’t be free of her parents until they die. Struggling with that feeling, and worried it makes her seem that she wants them to die, she asks for help understanding the relationships, […]

59. She’s Dying – Why Don’t I Care?

After years and years of emotional abuse our listener faces a dilemma. Now her mother is in a care home and her health is failing, she has no feelings at all. However, she doesn’t want to abandon her brother […]

31. “The Wrong Parent Died”.

For the Freudian Slip and to support us please go to our Patreon   This week our listener asks is it trauma or narcissism? Katie and Helen answer the question and look at what’s going on and how to manage it. Link to the book I’m glad My Mom Died We’re writing a book!! Sign […]